Harold Stevens Athletic Track

COVID19 Risk & Safety Management Plan and Venue rules authorised by CAGMC.

(Last updated 15/4/21: to comply with latest Vic relaxed requirements effective from 11.59pm Friday 9 April 2021: Source below:

All venue attendees (must comply)

Covid registration at entry

All attendees must Covid register at the entry to the venue.

Electronic registration using QR code (preferred)

Attendance registration is mandatory in Victoria for all attendees who intend/actually stay for more than 15 minutes. The Vic Government’s QR code displayed at the entry should be used for electronic registration using your mobile phone and the Victorian Government’s Covid App.

Manual registration

If any attendee does not have a mobile phone/app or their phone/app does not work, then they must manually sign in using the attendance sheets provided. These sheets are to be photographed at the end of each venue usage session and uploaded to the venue’s (CAGMC’s) Covid attendances storage folder each day.

NB: All photographed manual records will be retained for a minimum of 30 days and then deleted.

An unwell attendee

Anyone who is even the slightest bit unwell is not permitted to stay. Their attendance and their broad symptoms should be recorded and they should be advised to go home immediately. If their symptoms are even remotely Covid related they should be encouraged to get tested at the earliest opportunity and they must remain in their home quarantine until their test result is advised and they are instructed what to do next.

Face Masks

  • Must be carried by all attendees at all times (except when actually training/competing).
  • Indoors: Face masks are no longer required, except where physical distancing# cannot be maintained. Face masks may be removed indoors whilst seated and eating/drinking.
  • Outdoors: Face masks are no longer required, except where physical distancing# cannot be maintained.

Physical distancing #

In Victoria, this is defined as being a minimum of 1.5m apart. This applies to all venue attendees, including athletes, parents, spectators, officials, coaches, contractors, Council staff, etc.

Hand Sanitiser

  • Hand sanitiser will be provided and is to be used regularly: on arrival, in between sets of training and in the canteen and toilet areas.

Good hygiene practices

Good Covid-safe hygiene practices should be used by all attendees. It is the responsibility of all attendees to remind others if they are not using good hygiene practices and to bring it to the attention of session supervisors if they refuse to comply. Suitable signs will be posted around the Club Rooms and canteen area.

Indoor density limits (Club Rooms)

Maximum of 1 person/ 2 square metres. This means the maximum number of persons inside the extended clubrooms (including the former gym area) is 120. If the panel door to the old gym area is closed (i.e. down) then the maximum drops to 80.

Toilet cleaning and Clubroom maintenance

Toilets and disinfection cleaning is to be done daily before each venue session and at 4 hour intervals during extended usage sessions.


  • All toilets will have soap and paper towels plus Covid-safe signs encouraging thorough hand washing.
  • Soap and water in buckets provided to wash sporting equipment prior to and after use
  • Facility cleaned with hospital grade disinfectant before and after each training session.

First Aid

For First Aid COVID19 Compliance. In addition to regular First Aid practice, we will use our defibrillator (if applicable) and will:

  • ask any helpers to maintain a 2m distance.
  • (if needed) use a towel or piece of clothing to lay over the mouth and nose of patient.
  • NOT give rescue breaths.


Close queuing will be avoided and 1.5m separation markers will be placed on the ground to encourage physical separation while queuing.

Other facilities

  • The drinking fountain will be secured with no access


All coaches and club officials are advised to supervise the entire facility ensuring that members of the public, spectators and athletes maintain physical distancing at all times or wear a face mask.

  • NB: Coaches will act as Safety Officers

All users must comply with the venue’s rules as specified above.

No users/attendees at this venue are exempt from complying with the Venue’s specified CovidSafe rules.

This includes all CAGMC, Coburg Harriers – including the Coburg Masters, CLAC, School hirees, all Council or other contractors who attend the site, occasional inspectors or attendees (e.g. Electricity, water, Canteen, etc) must comply with the venue’s CovidSafe Plan and Rules.


NB: No details/arrangements used by any users/attendees may depart from the Venue’s rules (as specified above).

Record of documents

Document Coburg Harriers Coburg Masters Coburg Little Athletics Centre
Current Public Liability Yes Yes Yes
Most recent Annual Report (including financial report) Yes Yes Yes
Most recent AGM Minutes Yes Yes Yes
Current Strategic Plan Yes Yes Yes
Certificate of Incorporation Yes Yes Yes