Masters Program Nov-Dec 14

Program November – December 2014

Victorian Masters Athletics Inc. Coburg Venue Program November,  December 2014
Christmas Creations
Date Events
One Two Three Four See Notes in red
7.10pm 7.20pm 7.30pm 8.00pm numbered below.
6-Nov-14 100m 1600m / 1200m W 200m 3,200m(Melb.Cup)
13-Nov-14 100 m 1500 / 1000m W 400m 2/4km Run/ Walk
20-Nov-14 100 m 800m 300m 3/5 km Run /Walk
27-Nov-14 1- 120 m H/c 1– Pudding Mile H/C n/a 2-   6 laps option 3-Memorial Night
4-Dec-14 80m 1000m 200m 2/4km Run/ Walk
11-Dec-14 Xmas Program Xmas Meal Night
18-Dec-14 110 m 1500 / 1000m W 200m 3 km Run / Walk
25-Dec-14 No program
N. B. The program for Dec 4 & 18 is based on track being available.
In the event track is not available, a modified program will be run.
A modified program is likely to include a pack run and a cross-country run
If part of the track is available, sprint events will be organised
Events in this program have starting times as shown above. Event will not start before this time.
Note 1  Indicates a trophy event above.
Note 2 6 laps optional – would be run during Supper.
The theme “Creations” for this period is evidenced by the following events:
MELBOURNE CUP 6th November
The Cup inspires the distance event to be run over the actual 3,200 metres
In recognition of Harold we have embraced the Pudding Gift & the Pudding Mile
(now a handicap) with Cob. Harriers invited.
CHRISTMAS PROGRAM 11th December – Meal Night
Novelty events – Children/Adults relay. Lap run if required.
Presentation of Annual Masters Trophies& Awards. Our Xmas Dinner
Christmas Break – we will not operate on the nights of 25th Dec, 1 & 8 Jan. Resuming 15th Jan, 2015
A pack run from outside the Club house on 8 Jan. available if desired.
Run $1-00 for as many events as you like. $2 H.Stevens Memorial Night
Supper $2.00.
Meal – Xmas $15 adults, $5 children.
Management Committee Roster
November/Dec.    Bernie Goggin & Michael Meaney
Future –
Jan/Feb.2015    Paul O’Neill & Fiona Ely
Victorian Masters Athletics, Coburg Venue
Harold Stevens Athletic Field
Outlook Rd, Coburg. Melway Ref Map 18 A10
 Track and Facilities Courtesy of Coburg Harriers