November 25, 2020

Coburg Results Winter July Rain, Hail or Shine Fun Run

Next Featured Run: Sunday 23rd July 2017 | 9:00 am

Coburg Winter July Rain, Hail or Shine Fun Run


Distance Options: 3K | 6K | 12K

Yes it’s July, usually cold, sometimes wet, sometimes even worse in Melbourne; but you have your goals and when others are slacking off, we continue running, its all about consistency.

Course Description: this is an out and back course; the event begins at the Coburg Athletic Track, exiting the track participants go through the Coburg Parklands – following the bike path, expect course undulations,  the 3K entrants turn just near the Edgars Road Bridge, 6K & 12K entrants continue along the path that runs along the creek, with a nice tree canopy and the sound of running water this section is quite picturesque.  Both 6K & 12K entrants turn together at the turn around point, following the same path back to the track, 6K entrants now finish with 12K entrants continuing on for another loop of the same route.

For your safety the course is fully marshaled, we have on course water available for all entrants, after run snacks, trophies and medals for category place getters, car parking with all entry fees going to promote and support health and fitness in the Moreland community.

All marshals and organizers volunteer their time for your benefit and the belief in the importance of community fun run events.

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