November 25, 2020

Cullen Cup Update 12/14

 Cullen Cup Update

As has already been mentioned in several of our summer newsletters, the Cullen Cup is our premier trophy for the summer season.  It covers the different aspects of track and field: sprints, middle distance, hurdles, jumps and throws. Points are based on the IAAF scoring charts, so the better the performance, the higher the score.  The five events that make up the Cullen Cup are the 200 metres, the 1500 metres, the 400 metres hurdles, the shot put, and the long jump.

These are the first five athletes in the Senior and Junior Cups after the end of Round Six; easy to see why our Women’s Team are doing so well!



Kira Davey                  4039

Kelly Spiteri                3103

Louise Davey              2677

Kristy Mahoney          2597

Danielle Senyschyn     1446




Aidan Blair                 2211

Matthew Blair             2084

Thomas Clarke            1382

Rhys Gilson                1362

Christian Tsiaras          1233