Bluestone Classic Fun Run

Next Featured Run: Sunday 25th June 2017 | 9:00 am

Harold Stevens Bluestone Classic – Melbourne’s Toughest Fun Run; yep, this aren’t no walk in the park.

You get 3K Track, 4K Path & finally 8K of cross country running.


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Course Description:

The 3km Track run will start at the 300mark at the North end of the track, run/ walk 7.5 laps to finish at the 100m “start” area (Steeple) in front of the Clubroom.

The 7km run/walk:

Do the 3km as above then go out of the track for the 4km “road” leg and head south down the bike path to a turnaround half way along the market garden ( 85m before the “swing bridge”).

Then return back to the Athletic Track and do a clockwise loop to the finish line at the Clubroom.

15km runners do all of the above and then head out on the X-C course, turn right at the Edgars Creek bridge.

The X-C course is a 4km loop and returns to the track through the back gate and goes clockwise on the athletic track to the start/finish line.

Then go out for another lap of the 4km course! Finish line is as above in front of the Clubroom. (Near the steeple jump).

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