November 27, 2020

Australia’s Toughest Fun Run

Harold Stevens Bluestone Classic 30th June 2019

3K, 7K, 15K the full Bluestone, Track, Path & Cross Country Trail. Entries Open.

Also 8K Trial Run Only distance option.

[ Online Entry ]

It’s 15K of Athletic Track, Bike Path and the Cross Country course. You’ll need to know how to pace yourself over multiple terrain types.

Starting with a 3K Track run, this is your first challenge as you need to get your pace right for the coming 4K bike path, again you hit the paths with the right tactic on the rolling terrain through the Coburg Parklands.

Finally 8Ks of grass, dirt, hills and off chamber descents await you. If you pushed too hard early then the constant challenge of running up hills will tax your energy stores. Don’t think the downhills are easier as you need good leg strength and balance to negotiate the terrain.

Yes this run is about mental toughness, but also technique and energy conservation, above all its about being an adaptable runner over different terrains …. and we’re still having fun aren’t we?