December 14, 2019

2019 AVSL Results

2019 AVSL Results

Coburg Harriers competes each summer in the Athletics Victoria Shield League (AVSL)

AVSL Round 1, Moonee Valley Athletics Track, Aberfeldie, Saturday 5 October 2019

A good start to the AVSL season for the Coburg Harriers team with a very creditable club score of 7,167 placing us in 5th on the Division 4 Ladder.

A big welcome to new members hitting the track Artemis Volou, Ashlee Gaddes and Laura Perez and welcome back to Victoria Haritos, Tracy Colbert, Jenny Blair, Jay Blake, Aidan Blair, Matthew Blair, Tim Erickson and Phil Curtain.

Female Open  200m           Artemis Volou      33.96 (0.1)
                            Ashlee Gaddes      32.31 (0.1)
             800m           Artemis Volou      3:27.0h
                            Ashlee Gaddes      2:57.1h
                            Laura Perez        2:44.3h
             3000m          Ashlee Gaddes
                            Laura Perez         11:56.1h 
Female 40+   200m           Victoria Haritos    34.2h (0.5) 
             800m           Tracy Colbert       3:22.7h
             3000m          Tracy Colbert       14:56.5h 
             2000m Steeple  Victoria Haritos    12:15.1h 
             Hammer         Tracy Colbert       17.14m
                            Jenny Blair         15.77m 
             High Jump      Victoria Haritos    1.05m 
             Shot Put       Tracy Colbert       6.01m
                            Victoria Haritos    6.17m
                            Jenny Blair         5.65m
Male Open    200m           Jay Blake           25.38 (+0.0)
                            Aidan Blair         31.25 (-0.8)
             Hammer         Matthew Blair       16.77m
                            Aidan Blair         18.75m 
             High Jump      Matthew Blair       1.40m
                            Aidan Blair         1.35m 
             Shot Put       Matthew Blair       8.32m
                            Aidan Blair         8.07m 
             Triple Jump    Matthew Blair       8.68m
                            Aidan Blair         9.24m 
Male 40+     3000m Walk     Timothy Erickson    17:22.5h 
             Hammer         Phil Curtain        22.24m

AVSL Round 2, Tom Kelly Athletics Track, Doncaster, Saturday 12 October 2019

A big welcome to Josephine Gaisie joining us in her 1st AVSL competition.  Highlights and some outstanding performances and points earned

  • Tim Erickson, 3000m Walk 17min 17sec 492 Points
  • Phil Curtain, Javelin, 29.56m 469 Points
  • Dave Woods, 400m Run 59.14sec 429 Points
  • Niamh Tabit, 1500m Run 4min 43sec 286 Points
Grade  Discipline   Distance   Name                Performance  Points
FOP    Run           100       Artemis Volou       15.90        184
FOP    Run           100       Ashlee Gaddes       15.63        188
FOP    Run           100       Josephine Gaisie    16.43        176
FOP    Run           400       Josephine Gaisie    80.30        171
FOP    Run          1500       Ashlee Gaddes       6:08.0h      195
FOP    Long Jump               Artemis Volou       3.19m        161
FOP    Long Jump               Josephine Gaisie    2.80m        135
F16    Run          1500       Niamh Tabit         5:43.8h      286
F40    Run           100       Victoria Haritos    18.31        200
F40    Discus                  Victoria Haritos    11.31m       216
F40    Discus                  Jenny Blair         14.66m       278
F40    Javelin                 Victoria Haritos    8.91m        192
F40    Long Jump               Victoria Haritos    2.26m        152
F40    Triple Jump             Jenny Blair         5.03m        132
MOP    Run           100       Jay Blake           12.71        255
MOP    Run           400       Jay Blake           57.36        291
MOP    Discus                  Aidan Blair         20.14m       227
MOP    Hammer                  Aidan Blair         18.18m       197
MOP    High Jump               Aidan Blair         1.40m        200
MOP    Triple Jump             Aidan Blair         8.24m        160
M40    Run           400       David Woods         59.14        429
M40    Walk         3000       Timothy Erickson    17:17.9h     492
M40    Discus                  Phil Curtain        22.46m       366
M40    Javelin                 Phil Curtain        29.56m       469

NB Provisional Results we have Jenny’s Hammer Throw performance to be included

AVSL Round 3, Moonee Valley Athletics Track, Aberfeldie, Saturday 19 October 2019

A big welcome to Charlotte Gray joining our junior team for her first great 800m run. Well done Charlotte. Another solid Harriers team result given the conditions. Outstanding team performance from our throws coach Phil Curtain, putting theory into practice with 892 team points from his Hammer and Shot Put, closely followed by Amira Tabir with 883 points from her 800m and 3000m. Third best was Victoria Haritos with 777 points from her 3 events, Also, another great result from Tim Erickson with 11min 26sec in the 2k Walk and 489 valuable points.

A huge thanks to our Club Helpers who were out in the cold wind and rain all afternoon. Frank Bradley, Chris Harrap, David Cogan, Phil Curtain and Jenny Blair.

Grade  Discipline  Distane  Name               Performance  Points  Total Pts 
F16    Run         3000     Amira Tabit        11:01.7      449 
F16    Run          800     Amira Tabit        2:29.1       434     883 
F14    Run          800     Charlotte Gray     2:48.2       332 
M40    Run          200     David Woods        28.13        359 
FOP    Run          800     Emma Delaney       2:55.9       208 
FOP    Triple Jump          Emma Delaney       8.l1m        180     388 
MOP    Run          200     Jay Blake          25.99        256 
F40    Shot Put             Jenny Blair        5.40m        272 
F40    Triple Jump          Jenny Blair        4.91m        128 
F40    Hammer               Jenny Blair        15.55m       229     629
M40    Shot Put             Kenneth Carter     6.20m        389 
FOP    Run         5000     Laura Perez        20:48.0      291 
FOP    Run 200              Laura Perez        34.99        168 
FOP    Run 800              Laura Perez        2:43.3       267     726 
M40    Hammer               Phil Curtain       22.53m       423 
M40    Shot Put             Phil Curtain       8.53m        469 
M40    Walk        2000     Tim Eriekson       11:26.8      489     489 
F40    Run          800     Victoria Haritos   3:51.7       180 
F40    Run          200     Victoria Haritos   39.81        191 
F40    Shot Put             Victoria Haritos   6.53m        406     777 
Team Total                                                 6120 

AVSL Round 4, Tom Kelly Athletics Track, Doncaster, Saturday 9th November 2019

An outstanding result for Coburg Harriers in the AVSL Relay round with our best result for the season, 2nd position in Division 4. A big thanks to everyone who contributed with extra events on a cold and sometimes wet day. Great fun and a great atmosphere.

FOP  Relay 800         Coburg  02:15.7   640
FOP  Relay 1600        Coburg  05:34.7   496
FOP  Relay 1600        Coburg  06:27.5   360
FOP  Relay 3000        Coburg  11:13.3   528
F16  Relay 800         Coburg  02:08.7  1000
F16  Relay 1600        Coburg  05:17.8   718
F16  Relay 3000        Coburg  10:09.3   858
F40  Relay 3000        Coburg  14:59.0   318
MOP  Relay 400         Coburg  52.91     928
FOP  Relay 400         Coburg  61.65     764
MOP  Relay 800         Coburg  01:55.8   732
MOP  Relay 1600        Coburg  05:25.5   366
MOP  Relay 1600        Coburg  04:55.6   432
MOP  Relay 3000        Coburg  10:33.9   378
MOP  Relay 3000        Coburg  10:20.3   390
M40  Relay 1600        Coburg  05:48.4   358
M40  Relay 3000        Coburg  13:56.6   360
XOP  Relay 1600        Coburg  05:09.9   648
XOP  Relay 1600        Coburg  04:20.3  1336
XOP  Relay 3200 Walk   Coburg  21:47.9   752

MOP  High Jump   Aidan Blair          1.25m   150
MOP  Javelin     Aidan Blair         23.09m   221
MOP  Long Jump   Aidan Blair          DNS       0
MOP  Shot Put    Aidan Blair          7.92m   304
FOP  Shot Put    Ashlee Gaddes        5.83m   172
M40  Shot Put    Brian Delaney        5.10m   269
F40  Javelin     Jenny Blair          8.86m   170
F40  Long Jump   Jenny Blair          1.74m     0
F40  Shot Put    Jenny Blair          5.47m   279
F16  Javelin     Larrissa Haifa                 0
F16  Long Jump   Larrissa Haifa       3.97m   321
F16  Shot Put    Larrissa Haifa       7.06m   322
FOP  Shot Put    Laura Perez          6.42m   198
MOP  High Jump   Matthew Blair        1.40m   200
MOP  Javelin     Matthew Blair       20.37m   189
MOP  Long Jump   Matthew Blair        4.00m   173
MOP  Shot Put    Matthew Blair        8.55m   348
M40  Javelin     Phil Curtain        28.80m   462
M40  Long Jump   Phil Curtain                   0
M40  Shot Put    Phil Curtain         8.42m   465
F40  Javelin     Tracy Colbert        9.25m   177
F40  Shot Put    Tracy Colbert        5.41m   273
F40  Javelin     Victoria Haritos    10.42m   231
F40  Long Jump   Victoria Haritos     2.24m   150
F40  Shot Put    Victoria Haritos     5.40m   318
F16  High Jump   Yifen Soukaseun      1.40m   367
F16  Javelin     Yifen Soukaseun     24.01m   425
F16  Shot Put    Yifen Soukaseun      7.74m   368

AVSL Round 5, Tom Kelly Athletics Track, Aberfeldie, Saturday 16th November 2019

A big welcome to Holly Robertson with her first competition with Coburg Harriers, starring in the Triple jump and 4 x 100m relay. Another good team performance, given a few absentees due to injury and travel. Potentially a 6th place finish after adjusted results. Some of the highlights of the round were

Yifen Soukaseun, Shot Put 8.31metres with 402 points and High Jump 1.45metres 400 points.
Phil Curtain, Shot Put 8.90metres 480 points,
Tracy Colbert, Shot Put 6.25metres 345 points.

FOP    200m          Emma Delaney       33.93 (-1.8)
                     Josephine Gaisie   34.16
       800m          Emma Delaney       2:53.8h
                     Laura Perez        2:37.1h
                     Josephine Gaisie   3:00.3h
       High Jump     Emma Delaney       1.25m
       Triple Jump   Emma Delaney       8.58m
F20    Triple Jump   Holly Robertson    NM
F18    200m          Isabelle Raines    29.35 (-1.5)
       800m          Isabelle Raines    2:43.4h
F16    High Jump     Yifen Soukaseun    1.45m
       Shot Put      Larrissa Haifa     7.05m
                     Yifen Soukaseun    8.31m
F40    800m          Tracy Colbert      3:30.8h
       Hammer        Tracy Colbert      15.43m
                     Jenny Blair        15.14m
       Shot Put      Tracy Colbert      6.25m
                     Jenny Blair        5.85m
       Triple Jump   Jenny Blair        5.34m 
MOP    200m          Thomas Robertson   29.39 (+0.0)
       800m          Thomas Robertson   2:45.2h
       Hammer        Matthew Blair      17.23m
                     Aidan Blair        18.20m
       High Jump     Matthew Blair      1.55m
                     Aidan Blair        1.40m
       Shot Put      Matthew Blair      7.88m
                     Aidan Blair        7.86m
       Triple Jump   Matthew Blair      8.28m
                     Aidan Blair        8.95m
M40    Hammer:       Phil Curtain       22.57m
       Shot Put      Phil Curtain       8.90m
                     Kenneth Carter     6.45m

A big thank you to all our Club helpers at the Shot Put and Relay change over.
– Kristy Mahoney, Yolanda Shaw, Phil Curtain, Tom Robertson, Kham Soukaseun. Tony Kendal

Victorian 5000m Championships, Box Hill Athletics Track, Thursday 14 November 2019

Well done Harriers competing in the AV 5000m Track Championship

Pritchard, Eric     16:41.31  PB
Tabit, Javier       16:48.99
Tabit, Niamh        17:38.75
Tabit, Amira        18:32.23