Percy Wells Cerutty – Quotes

“Think … deeply … and separate what you wish from what you are prepared to do.” –Percy Wells Cerutty “Watch children run, and go and do likewise.” — Percy Wells Cerutty “Pain (and fatigue) is weakness leaving the body.” – Percy Wells Cerutty “The thing that marks the super athlete is his capacity to suffer,… Continue Reading

Harold Stevens Pudding Gift Mile – Results

2014 – Coburg Harriers – Harold Stevens  memorial Pudding Mile Handicap Place Name Est Time Finish Time Actual Time 1 Phoenix DAVEY 0:07:05 0:11:14 0:06:19 2 Daniel BODILLY 0:06:15 0:11:25 0:05:40 3 Maegan KERR 0:09:10 0:11:34 0:08:44 4 Fraser MURRAY 0:06:23 0:11:36 0:05:59 5 Tony SACCO 0:06:10 0:11:46 0:05:56 6 Edwin CHEUNG 0:06:00 0:11:48 0:05:48… Continue Reading

Cullen Cup Update 12/14

 Cullen Cup Update As has already been mentioned in several of our summer newsletters, the Cullen Cup is our premier trophy for the summer season.  It covers the different aspects of track and field: sprints, middle distance, hurdles, jumps and throws. Points are based on the IAAF scoring charts, so the better the performance, the… Continue Reading